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The Bio X Parc Marrakech will be a major new research facility for bio tech sciences and will leverage  Marrakech Region, current competitive biosciences and biotechnology advantage to create a national and international scientific research hub.

The project involves the installation of laboratory and service buildings with a total area of 300 hectares, located on different site in the region of Marrakech.

The first installation Project site, where will find the headquarters operation center of the entire world network of Bio X Parc’s project, will be an area of 24 hectares ( Bio x Parc Marrakech – Assoufid), is located on the main ring road, 10 minutes from the international airport of Marrakech

The Design and Build Team are encouraged to associate for obtaining relevant qualifications required in this project. CESCOITALIA intends to procure a qualified Design and Build Team using two-step procurement method.

-       In the first step (Step I) the Design and Build Team will submit their Statements of Qualifications for the projects (Project commission Bio X Parc Marrakech) in lot mentioned above as per Bio X Parc  templates provided by CESCOITALIA. The Design and  Build Team will be graded and ranked in order of their qualifications with the most qualified being  selected

-       in the second step (Step II) of negotiations before award.


The Bidders tender will be submitted by Bio X Parc Marrakech Steering Commission.